Ours Patrons

  • Our Lady of Luján
  • St Joseph
  • St John Paul the Great


Our Lady of Luján

There is special relationship of Mary Our Lady of Luján with our Founder Fr Carlos M. Buela. When he was young he had a special devotion to Our Lady of Luján. When he was still a seminarian, he prayed to Our Lady that he can guide young people, especially in their vocations.

After he founded our Religious Family he always encourages us to have devotion to the Virgin of Lujan, and he considers that all vocations of our Religious Family are form Our Lady of Luján, and she is the protector of our vocations.

This devotion can truly be considered an aspect of the Founder’s spirituality that has passed on to the foundation itself. For this reason, it has an immeasurable importance for the preservation and promotion of our charism as well as everything surrounding the patrimony of the Institute.


St Joseph

The liturgy of the Church places St. Joseph immediately after the Virgin Mary, for He is the one to whom God has entrusted the custody of His most precious treasures- Jesus the Incarnate Word, and Mary the Ever Virgin. He is thus called by the Church “the faithful Guardian”. Many saints, like St. Bernardine of Siena and St. Teresa of Avila, also had great devotion to St. Joseph and found him never fail to aid those who ask for his intercession.

St. Joseph is an eminent member of the Church of Christ, a model of virtue, the patron of the Universal Church, the patron of a holy death, the Spouse of Mary, the Father of the Incarnate Word, to whose care the Redeemer himself was subjected.  But above all we have a special devotion to him because of his most efficacious intercession, which we have experienced many times, especially when our Institute was born. 


Saint John Paul the Great

Ever since our foundation, we and our Founder have considered St. John Paul the Great “Father” of our Religious Family. In many aspects we are inspired by his spirituality and teachings in his Pontificate, for example, our Constitution and principal documents, our religious life, our missionary commitment and apostolate, our study, our work, our community life, etc. The maternal slavery of love for the Blessed Virgin Mary unites us to him.

Especially during his Pontificate, he also exercised special paternity towards our Religious Family, intervening multiple times in the vicissitudes of our nascent community.