Ground breaking of the Construction of Monastery

As we know, in a specific and radical way, cloistered contemplatives conform to Christ Jesus in prayer on the mountain and to his Paschal Mystery, which is death for the sake of resurrection. Through a life of prayer and sacrifice, and a total dedication to God in solitude, monastic vocations fulfill God's plan for them, and thus contribute to His redemptive work in the world.  Their spiritual offerings are the strength and protection for the missionaries.  That's why we say that the contemplatives are the greatest missionaries.

Shortly after our first establishment of Monastery in Taiwan, we have come to build our monastery in the Philippines, hoping to establish another Monastic community in Asia.

After many years of preparation and planning, we have come to our ground breaking for the first phase construction of the Monastery. On 5 November, under the witness of our sisters from Lipa and Caloocan, together with our benefactors, we undertook the ground breaking ceremony.

It was a cloudy day. Our sisters arrived at the site of our Monastery, where it was situated at San Celestino, Lipa.  The rain grew as we were setting up for the ground breaking ceremony.  Because of it, we went under the temporary shelter of the construction site to wait for the set time of the ceremony.

Right before the ceremony started, the rain stopped. Fr. Miguel Soler, the Provincial Superior of the IVE, presided the ceremony.  We planted a capsule, which contained the names and picture of the sisters present in the Province at the time, as a remembrance for the future generations. 

As soon as the ceremony had concluded, the rain started poured down heavily.  For us, it is another sign that we are under the care and protection of God, all the time.  Eventhough this project is enormous for our small congregation, in terms of the material means and experience demanded, we know that this is God's work and he only ask us to try with our best effort, and He would accomplish it.   May God will bless our construction work and that this undertaking will give Him glory.

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Ground Breaking Ceremony of the SSVM Monastery at Lipa, Philippines