Bawan ng Wika 2017 in Home School in Caloocan

Buwan ng Wika (it means "Month of Language" in Tagalog) was held in the home school of our Mercy Home for girls in August 2017. The students had different competitions like folk songs , dance and artistic presentation. The judges and audiences of Bawan ng Wika included all students and teachers of the home school, the parents of some of the students. It was our honor to have Mr. Guillermo Gomez Rivera (historian, educator and linguistic scholar) to be our guest judge also and gave us a wionderful and inspiring talk on the origin of Filipino language and Filipino identity. All the participants prepared excellent performances, and their creativity and artistic presentations astounded our judges and audiences. Everybody had a fruitful and joyful day. Buwan ng Wika aims at increasing the knowledge of our young girls in their own Filipino culture and language, and to awaken their interest, love and appreciation of it. For more photos

Bawan ng wika